Bhojpuri Association of India has ambitious goals and projects .

Given Below Are Our Main Objectives:-

1) Preserve and promote linguistic interests related to Bhojpuri language among Bhojpuri-speaking people (bhojpuriyas) in India and abroad, cater to the interests of people whose ancestral place is a Bhojpuri region or who wish to be associated with the Bhojpuri language, culture and literature.

2) Encourage speaking, learning and teaching of Bhojpuri language.

3) Generate interest in Bhojpuri among children and youth through local meetings, cultural events, festival celebrations and summer camps.

4) Establish a team of eminent scholars from various Bhojpuri-speaking regions across the globe and encourage them to write and translate relevant works in Bhojpuri.

5) To foster and nurture the Bhojpuri heritage and traditions among BHAI members and provide a platform to network and interact with each other.

6) To develop social, cultural, educational, and career programs and to encourage active participation of all members in these programs.

7) To establish and develop links with other Bhojpuri organizations, Bhojpuri societies and Internet-based Bhojpuri groups throughout the world.

8) Seek recognition for Bhojpuri as a recognized language by Govt. of India.

9) Host annual bhojpuri conventions and promote bhojpuri across the globe.

10) Develop audio, web and multimedia lessons for learning Bhojpuri Compile books like Learn Bhojpuri in 21 Days & Bhojpuri-English dictionary.

11) Instill self-pride, community feeling and awareness among bhojpuriyas.

12) BHAI to act as a non governmental regulatory body and censorship board for Bhojpuri media and print. It will review films, songs and all promotional material as an individual entity and will publish reviews with its partner print media/website channel. In present scenario Bhojpuri is degraded and currently used as a source of revenue for film producers across the country, censorship by prior restraint is, therefore, not not only desirable but also necessary.

13) To do all that is needed to preserve and protect the best interests of its members in accomplishing the above objectives.